Hello World… I guess…

Well, isn't all programmers obligated to spell out these famous words...?

This is my take on it for this blog and I would like to use it as a kick off to introduce my plans and ideas for this website. 

As programming has been one of my main interests for the majority of my life, I have come to a point where I wanna “materialize” some of it. While constantly learning new stuff I have actually grown a fair amount of resources which I think should be put somewhere else than just fainting away from those loose-handed braincells. I basically needed a place to store it so why not put it straight to the web… and, someone else might even find it useful.

 So, what about the topics?

 … which programming stuff will you cover?

To make it easy for myself I will start off with the most fresh knowledge which is web-development. At this point that mainly involves Django – the Python Web Framework and everything around it that makes it so awesome..

Thanks, and please stay tuned for soon-to-come content on topic.


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